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Christmas Donation 2018 see here

We have closed on the following days:

31.05.2019; 21.06.2019; 04.10.2019; 23.12.2019-06.01.2020.


Our Prices 2019 - New price list available

In this year we schedule our price increase on February 01, 2019.
We have to set the wage increase of 3.8% and the price increases of our suppliers into our new prices and therefore we increase our prices by 4%.
We hope that this is the only price increase for 2019. If energy costs rise significantly during the year, a new adjustment might be necessary.

New ITES Software (version December 2018)

The new version for the ITES is available. Improved section gas velocity measurement, Average calculation and more...

New EN 13284-1:2017

The new EN 13284-1 November 2017 (released in February 2018) replaces the 2001 version.
What is the significance of the new EN 13284-1 for purchasing emission measurement equipment? Are the devices of Paul Gothe GmbH according to the new specifications?
Answers can be found here: Notes EN 13284-1.

Mercury Monitoring according to PS 12B and 30B

Hg probe

Simple Mercury emission determination for the monitoring with sorbent adsorption traps.

  • Heated suction tube with two adsorption traps.
  • Losses in the sampling probe are excluded.
  • Additional thermocouple in the gas flow for high accuracy.
  • Sampling probe with Pitot tube and thermocouple to measure the volume flow rate.

Information about the probe: Info.

Pitot tubes inside the combination probe (EN 13284-1:2017)

The new EN 13284-1: 2017 specifies the requirements for Pitot tubes for the determination of the gas velocity. According to this new directive, the Pitot tubes must fulfill the requirements of EN ISO 16911-1. According to section A.2.2.2 of the EN ISO 16911-1, the pitot tube of the combination probe (generally type S) must be calibrated in this arrangement (with the coupled gas sampling probe). It must be a multipoint calibration that spans range of the gas velocity of the application. These calibrations can be fulfilled by a manufacturer's certificate. If there is no mechanical damage to the pitot tube, it is not necessary to repeat the calibration.

Our Pitot tubes and the S-Pitot in the combination probe meet the requirements of these standards!

The calibration of the Pitot tubes can be met in accordance with Section A.2.2.2 by a manufacturer's certificate -therefore from us- and a repeat is only necessary in case of mechanical damage.

Project donations instead presents 2018/2019medecins sans frontieres

Following organizations got again donations from the proceeds 2018 of the Paul Gothe GmbH:

With these good deeds we would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation.