News 04-2021



We will be closed from 01.04. to 05.04.2021 inclusive.


Unfortunately, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is badly affected. We and our employees try everything to protect us against infection.

So far, the epidemic has no impact on manufacturing times. We haven't received any reports of delays in delivery from the suppliers. We ask for your understanding that the specification of the delivery time in the offer, the order confirmation and the information in the shop always refer to the current information status. If delivery times change due to cases of illnesses or even quarantine situations, we will notify you on this page and in case of an order via e-mail.

Our company implements the applicable recommendations of the Federal Office for Health Education, 50825 Cologne-Ehrenfeld and the Robert Koch Institute, 13353 Berlin on hygiene and infection protection.

Shipping times:

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has a significant impact on shipping times. At the moment, parcel services and freight forwarders are faced with various obstacles in road freight transport, especially at many EU borders. An imminent shortage of available driving personnel can also be seen. A timely and smooth delivery can no longer be fully guaranteed by parcel services and forwarding agents. This can lead to delays in service and service impairments as well as additional costs.

Please note that parcel services and forwarder currently return all not accepted deliveries with extra cost. It will not be possible to store shipments in the foreseeable future. These extra fees must pay by you, please make sure that the shipment can be accepted.


New EN 13284-1:2017

The new EN 13284-1 November 2017 (released in February 2018) replaces the 2001 version.
What is the significance of the new EN 13284-1 for purchasing emission measurement equipment? Are the devices of Paul Gothe GmbH according to the new specifications?
Statements can be found here: Notes EN 13284-1.

Here you find the statements to questions about Pitot tubes in sampling probes: Info Pitot tubes in Combi Probes

Project donations instead presents 2019/2020medecins sans frontieres

Following organizations got again donations from the proceeds 2019 of the Paul Gothe GmbH:

With these good deeds we would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation.