News 02-2020


We have closed on the following days:

10.04. - 13.04.2020 / 01.05.2020 / 21.05. - 24.05.2020 / 01.06.2020 / 11.06. - 14.06.2020 / 24.12. - 04.01.2021



Price adjustment 2020:

Due to the increased energy and raw material costs, we unfortunately have to increase our prices by 3% at the end of March.

New EN 13284-1:2017

The new EN 13284-1 November 2017 (released in February 2018) replaces the 2001 version.
What is the significance of the new EN 13284-1 for purchasing emission measurement equipment? Are the devices of Paul Gothe GmbH according to the new specifications?
Statements can be found here: Notes EN 13284-1.

Here you find the statements to questions about Pitot tubes in sampling probes: Info Pitot tubes in Combi Probes

Project donations instead presents 2019/2020medecins sans frontieres

Following organizations got again donations from the proceeds 2019 of the Paul Gothe GmbH:

With these good deeds we would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation.