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Important Information



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Question: What should be determined?

  • Measurement of high gas temperatures with suction Pyrometer? zur Anfrage continue here.
  • Determination of dust concentration in the gas flow?
    • Small duct (small scale furnaces)? zur Anfrage continue here.
    • Big ducts! Should determine only the dust concentration or the substances in the dust too (e.g. heavy metal)?
      • Yes, heavy metal! zur Anfrage continue here.
      • ‚ÄčNo, let us go further on:
  • Dust sampling: Duct opening 3" and no water droplets in the gas (< 100 % humidity)? Version IN-Stack: zur Anfrage  continue here.
  • No, small duct opening and water droplets in the gas flow (100 % humidity), Version OUT-Stack: zur Anfrage  continue here.

If anything is still unclear, please call us and we discuss everything on the phone: ++ 49 234 33 51 80.

Or you describe your measurement problem in writing: zur Anfrage continue here.

You would like to learn more about the subject dust measurement, use our video support: video support

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