Important information about shipping and the transport insurance





Shipping costs:

  • Our offers are always EXW. 
  • All costs for shipping will be charged. 
  • Our carrier is GLS. 
  • Parcels with more as 2 meters in length or sensitive devices will be shipped with forwarder. 
  • If other shipping companies desired, please specified with the order.
  • Packaging costs are the materials (boxes, packing material, etc.) and the necessary time for packaging. Bear in mind that a good and safe packaging is very time consuming.


Transport insurance:

The insured shipping will be done at customer's request.
Only if the following is observed, the transport insurance pays the damage:

  1. The parcels must be accepted in person. If the package is delivered WITHOUT ACCEPTANCE, there is NO INSURANCE PROTECTION!
  2. Please check all packages already in the adoption of physical damage. According to section 30 of the CMR (Cargo Movement Requirement), complaints concerning any apparent defects incurred in transit must be made immediately on receipt of the goods
  3. If damage was visible from the outside, but you have no damage confirmation, can you not use the transport insurance and the damage must be borne by you.
  4. All hidden defects, which incurred during transit, must be communicated to us without delay. Only if the shipping insurance is informed within 6 business days, your transport damage is insured. You can use the form below.


Shipping cost in our offers:

For tubes larger than 1.5 meters in length or for devices that need to be packaged for security on a pallet, the actual costs of packaging and shipping costs are difficult to calculate. For international shipments, particularly for shipments to third countries, under certain circumstances special packaging requirements must be considered.
At your request, we like to take out a prior calculation. However, we need to cover our costs, and must calculate an appropriate margin of safety and handling fee. Your cost of shipping will be lower if the order takes place EXW (Incoterms 2010).

For more details and information get in contact with our administration. 


form for transport damage